Defining the dash is a social network to create online memorials for loved ones and also a platform to contribute to non-profits to honor the lost loved one.

The small, horizontal line between a person's birth date and the day they leave this world is what we refer to as "the Dash." It symbolizes all that has unfolded in a person's life, all of their experiences, relationships, hopes, dreams and contributions. It is what transpired between birth and death. "The Dash" in and of itself is featureless and nondescript. However, it symbolizes a lifetime of experiences. How can "the Dash" be measured, defined or summarized? By those whose lives were touched by the person who has passed. Defining "the Dash" allows the people who knew the deceased to come together and create a dynamic, multimedia memorial.

Defining "the Dash" is a new kind of social network that gives people all over the world the ability to contribute in commemorating a lost loved one. Anyone with something to contribute like photos, videos or a story to share, can easily add their voice to the online memorial. Never before has it been so easy to honor a life with a multimedia tribute that tells a rich and multilayered story of a person's life and their impact on the world. Defining "the Dash" makes this possible.


Recent Tributes
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Created by: Joe

Non-Profit or Charity?

Defining the dash is proud to fund raise for different non-profits & charities. Interested in partnering? Let us show you how a partnership with definingthedash will increase revenue & exposure for your cause.